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2010 - Production: Jhansi Rani Saptham in Mohiniyattam (Story of Queen Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi)

2009- Honored by OHMKARAM, Greater St. Louis, USA

2005- Awarded the title Kalaratna "Vallathol Puraskar" by KALADARPANAM, Kerala

2005- Dance Omi International Dance Collective Residency, New York, USA

2002- Recognized as Ambassador for Global Peace through Art and Culture by Indian Junior Chamber of Commerce

2002- Honored by SPIC-MACAY, Kochi Chapter

1997&1994- Recognized as the Best Mohiniyattam Dancer of the year by NANA, for her Indian National Television Network (Doordarshan)performance

1993- Recognized as "Artist of the Year" by "THE HINDU", India's National Newspapers, for her performance in SOORYA Music and Dance Festival

1990- Upgraded as A+ Grade Artist of National Television Network (Doordarshan)

1989- Acknowledged by SPIC-MACAY and was included  into their panel of performers

1989- Acknowledged by Kendra Sangeeth Natak Academy and was inducted into their panel of performers

1987- "A grade artist" of Doordatrsan(Youngest A Grade Artist)

1985- Achieved National Scholarship from Kendra Sangeeth Natak Academy, New Delhi, Govt. of India

1985- Acknowledged by Doordarshan, National Television Network in India  and was included into their panel of performing artists


Lectures and demonstrations and teaching experiences


1998..Present   Runs and manages NRITYAKSHETRA St Louis Chapter in USA

1994..1997      Mohiniyattam teacher at Kerala Kalalayam, Tripunithura

1991..1993       Mohiniyattam teacher at Nrithyagram, Dance Village, Bangalore, INDIA

1993                 Lecture Demo SOORYA Trivandrum, INDIA

1989..1990       Lecture Demo SPIC MACAY, New Delhi, INDIA

1983..1990      Mohiniyattam teacher at Kerala Kalalayam, Tripunithura

1981..1987      Many Lecture Demo, on behalf of SPIC MACAY New Delhi,(touring most part of south and north India), Arangu Kottayam, Kerala fine Arts Society Kochi, Noopuram Fine arts school Kannur and many dance institutions (assisting Late Kalamandalam Kalyanikkuttyamma & Guru Sreedevi Rajan)

1979..1992       Leading dancer for Kerala Kalalayam, Tripunithura, by performing for the institution, in most part of India

1991                 Lecture Demo, together with Late Kalamandalam Kalyanikkuttyamma, and Smt. Sreedevi Rajan, at Krishna Gana Sabha (Madras)

1990                 Lecture Demo ICCR, New Delhi, INDIA

1989                 Lecture Demo SPIC MACAY, Rajasthan, INDIA

1989                Documentary Film on Mohiniyattam by Kalamandalam Kalyanikkuttyamma by Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts or IGNCA




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