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Padmashree Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair:

An all time great Kathakali performer - the person who was most responsible in bringing universal recognition and appeal to Kathakali. Unanimously recognized as the undisputed King of abhinaya. Some critics even called him the Picasso of Indian Classical Dance world. His characters are still cherished and thrive in the memory of admirers and students of Kathakali. His contributions, style and impeccable perfection in which he transformed himself to the characters on stages are unmatched in the history of Kathakali.

Kalamandalam Kalyanikuttiamma:

The doyenne of Mohiniattam. Widely recognized as the "Mother of Mohiniattam" for her constructive contribution in bringing back Mohiniattam to the main stream of Indian classical dance. Her main contribution was towards lending structural integrity to Mohiniattam as we see it today. Her life long commitment to this dance style is a part of Mohiniyattam history now.

Smitha's personal Note:

I had the fortune of being the grand child of these legends of the Indian classical dance field and to pursue a career in dance. I got the unique opportunity of being trained by these masters in all the aspects of dance. While my grandmother laid the foundations of Mohiniattam for me, my grandfather fine-tuned my abhinaya and blessed me with the unique distinction of sharing the stage with him on many occasions - that was of course performing Kathakali with him. Their life of devotion to dance and unmatched commitment to their respective dance forms will always be my guiding spirit."



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