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" Smitha carries the essence of both grandparents........"

- Chowallur Krishnankutty Chairman of Kerala Kalamandalam on Smitha's Doordarshan performance in 1992


"A new rising star who stole the show from the known big stars of Indian classical dance........"

- at the Soorya festival, The Hindu October 1993


"Exceptionally brilliant performance. Very powerful in communicating the message........"

- Leela Venkataraman, Oct 1993


"A perfect marriage of abhinaya and intense spiritual expression of Mohiniattam........"

- The Herald December 1994


"Smitha has imbibed the artistic merit from her legendary grandparents and established herself as one of the best performing artists in the field of Mohiniattam. Her performances are always brilliant in their content and delineate the characters very uniquely........."

- V.P. Dhananjayan, 03 December 1996.


"Smitha Rajan has an incredible ability to sink into the depth of dancing with meticulous precision and devotion and is an asset to the art of dancing........"

- .P.Unnikrishnan, Natyashastra scholar, 31 Dec 1996


"Incarnation of Krishnan Nair's abhinaya on the traditional spirituality of Mohiniattam........"

- The Times of India, Feb 1998


"Smitha Rajan carried the crowd to a level of remarkable ecstasy through the traditional Mohiniattam style ........"

- The Malayala Manorama May 18th, 2001


"Smitha being the best among the stage artists who performs Mohiniattam in its purest form has been able to imbibe this style of classical Indian dance in its entirety........"

- The Indian Express June 2001


"Brilliant story telling by Smt. Smitha Rajan, as she took the audience for a pilgrimage through the epic Ramayana."

- O.N.V.Kurup (Famous Malayalam poet) at Soorya Festival Oct 02, 2002


"Outstanding effort by Smitha Rajan to honour her grandparents, words cannot explain the intensity she brought to the stage.. "

- The Hindu Oct 13th 2002


"Smt. Smitha Rajan brought the essence of the Legends (Late Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair and Late Kalamandalam Kalyanikuttiamma) to the stage for a remarkable feast of classical dance experience"

- FACT Padmanabhan (Famous Kathakali exponent) at Tribute to Masters, Oct 12th 2002



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